Concentrated Podcast

Cup & Saucer Episode 100

February 24, 2023 Maria, Eric, and Muneerah
Concentrated Podcast
Cup & Saucer Episode 100
Show Notes

Hulu/Disney+'s ExtraOrdinary is getting even more interesting. This week, Courtney is taking us through episodes 5&6 as Jen and Cassie head back to their high school and have to deal with their old bully, and some new revelations about their relationship. Meanwhile Kash has become an emotional wreck after his vigilante group imploded on its first night out. Jen meets a new friend with something in common, she's also powerless, while Kash tries to figure out what went wrong with his super squad, and Eric tries his best to make Top Notch Units a thing. Join us as we break it all down. 

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